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Abstract. The Revolution of Industry 4.0 (IR 4.0) brings a new stimulus to educational system in Indonesia and causes education transformation. Technology used in education field is a segment of education 4.0 that can train students to improve their…

All program works such as educational program needs evaluation.
Evaluation can provide information about the whole process of teaching and
learning. Evaluation is a wider concept. It comprises not only test but also the
continuous assessment which…

This research examines the young learners’charcateristics in learning English in elementary
school by using observation. The research problems
includehow important an analysis is conducted to
understand the characteristics of young learners …

Common sense says, in fact, being able to speak more
than one language is either individually or collectively fruitful.
Being competent in using mono or multilanguages is very good
and strongly needed. In the world context where the…

[13:31, 4/2/2020] Unita Lena W. A: his research investigated vocabulary, grammar and function of English which could work well as a means of conducting: 1) the application of instruction (students’ physical behaviors, giving orders or tasks), 2) the…

Learning English as a language which is used by the majority people of the world socially, culturally, economically and politically has many advantages .At the same time, the student whose a language which is different in the linguistics rules and…

This research looks at how spoken English is taught through project-based learning (ProjectBased Learning).
This research used a case study design to which data
were analyzed using a qualitative approach. The sample for the study comprised…

The purpose of this study is to investigate why Indonesian students learn English and
the problems they encounter in the learning process, specifying on language input-and-output
methodological approach when teaching English. This study used a…

The essential function of the language helps people sharing what they think and feel by oral or written form of language to others. Empirically and theoretically noted, the communication often fails delivering the message if the language used is not…
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